Meet Richard, ceramicist and fundraiser for Simon On The Streets


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At Simon On The Streets, we’re always amazed by the ways people get involved in fundraising for our charity. Richard, a Yorkshire based ceramicist, recently raised £300 for us by hosting a pottery workshop to make sleeping dog sculptures. 

Richard runs Twisted Earth Ceramics, hosting various sculpting workshops across West Yorkshire. He also does custom pet commissions and has some brilliant sculptures for sale in his shop.

We were excited to ask Richard some questions about why he decided to support Team Simon, and to learn about his background in the charity sector. 

How did you come across Simon On The Streets? 

Before I set up my business Twisted Earth Ceramics, I worked for various charities providing support and guidance to some of the most underprivileged and disadvantaged people in our community. I became aware of Simon On The Streets whilst doing this work.   

What made you decide to raise money for our charity?

Recently, I spoke with a lovely lad from Bradford who unfortunately had found himself homeless through no fault of his own. It was a wet cold night and I really felt frustrated that I couldn't help. 

I've also noticed an increase in the numbers of rough sleepers in recent years on our city's streets. I wanted to support the main charity that works to directly improve these people's lives. 

We’ve seen from your website that you fundraise for other charities. What do you enjoy most about supporting charitable causes? 

I always promised myself that, once my business was established, I would raise funds for the charities I believed in. The workshops are great fun. Not only do we manage to raise a significant amount of money, everyone gets a lovely sculpture they have created to keep. It feels like a really worthwhile day and really great use of my time. 

It was also great to have the Bradford based Cooperative Bread and Roses give me and the participants a free space to run this workshop. They were incredibly enthusiastic and supportive throughout. 

We’re so impressed by the £300 you raised. Do you have any tips for other people who are wanting to fundraise for charity?

I promoted the event via my social media and offered a workshop that captured people's imaginations. I kept the costs realistic and offered a great day to remember. Everyone also ended up with a sculpture they had created to keep. 

Bread & Roses supported what we were doing with a free, accessible space in the centre of Bradford. However, I did have eight places with only six participants, so perhaps a greater profile in the local paper would have been useful and effective in promoting the workshop. 

Do you have a skill or talent that you’d like to use to support Simon On The Streets? No matter what your strengths are, we’re sure there’s a fundraiser just for you. 

Take a look at our fundraising pack for inspiration. We can’t wait for you to get involved!

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