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Housing advice

Get help with housing from Leeds City Council

If you are homeless or at risk of homelessness and want advice about your housing options please visit Leeds Housing Options. Due to Covid-19 they are not doing face to face meetings. To contact them, please call 0113 222 4412 (Open weekdays, 9am - 5pm​​, except Wednesdays when they are open from 10am).

For emergency homelessness situations outside of office hours, please call 0113 378 8366.

Leeds City Council

No recourse to public funds

Are you homeless but not from the UK?

Unfortunately, some people are not eligible for benefits and are not able to access emergency accommodation. Whilst this makes the situation more difficult, we work with anyone sleeping rough, regardless of their circumstances, so please contact us.

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Hostels providing short-term accommodation in Leeds

  • St George's Crypt

    Offers emergency accommodation for men and women, 3 meals a day, showers and clothing. To access the emergency accommodation you will need to be referred. This can be done by contacting housing options on 0113 222 4412 (Out of hours: 07891273939).

    Visit St George's Crypt

  • Somewhere Safe to Stay Hub

    Located at St Anne's Resource Centre, the hub provides emergency night time provision for women only. To access the emergency accommodation you will need to be referred. This can be done by contacting housing options on 0113 222 4412 (Out of hours: 07891273939). 

    Visit St Anne's

Day centres

Get support for a range of different needs with St. Anne's resource centre

St Anne's is a day centre that offers showers, laundry facilities, support, a safe mail address and breakfast club. Please contact St Anne's on 0113 243 1894 for current opening times. 

Address: 66 York Street, Leeds, LS9 8AA. Phone: 0113 243 1894.

St Anne's Resource Centre

Free and affordable

Find a place to eat

There are many places and groups in Leeds that provide free meals for individuals who are in need. Please note that due to the current Covid-19 situation some groups may not be operating. 

Find a place to eat

Need support for yourself or someone you know?

Get in touch with us if you need support for yourself or a member of the public.

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Common questions

I've seen someone sleeping rough, what should I do?

 If you are aware of someone sleeping rough, please use Street Link to report them and get in touch with us with an exact location and as much information as possible.

Can people with dogs access emergency accommodation?

Two kennels are now available at one hostel in Leeds. Anyone who is homeless with a dog can contact Housing Options in Leeds and tell staff that they have a dog.

Does it cost to stay in emergency accommodation?

No. However, there may be a number of reasons why an individual may choose not to access emergency accommodation, but instead seek alternative accommodation in a b&b or hostel for the night.

An individual who has no recourse to public funds will not be eligible for housing support or emergency accommodation. 

What happens when your outreach workers find someone sleeping rough?

 Every situation is different but usually when our outreach workers find a person sleeping rough they undertake an assessment with the person and offer them support. We will ask them if they would like help in accessing emergency accommodation. 

However, not everyone wishes to access emergency accommodation and we will work with that individual based on what they wish to do, while providing practical support and information. Working with people one-on-one can take time and we often need to build a trusting relationship, meaning that you might not see a change in the person's situation straight away although support is being offered.