How can we raise awareness about homelessness?


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The importance of raising awareness about homelessness cannot be understated. Along with raising funds to enable our outreach work to continue, raising awareness of the challenges homelessness brings and why we need things to change is the single most important thing that we do. 

Between April 2021 and March 2022, the government reported that 278,110 households across the country were assessed as either being threatened with homelessness or were already homeless.


Many people don’t know the true extent of the homeless crisis in the UK. Not only does this fuel the fire when it comes to harmful stereotypes, it’s a real barrier to making a positive change. 

Many of those facing homelessness are out of sight and out of mind. Passed by on the street, sofa surfing and hidden from statistics, or laying low because they’re in fear for their safety. 

So just how do we challenge the status quo here? How do we raise the awareness that’s so badly needed?  

Education education education

Education doesn’t always take place in a designated place of learning. Education can happen anywhere. We can learn anytime, any place, anywhere. Learning is just a part of life. 

Sometimes, a simple conversation can be all it takes for people to challenge misconceptions and educate themselves. It's why we share case studies, it's why we always keep on top of statistics. And it’s why we never tire of talking about the work we do and why we do it. 

Through events and talks at schools, our team teaches children all about the challenges of homelessness. It’s fantastic to be able to spark awareness, and encourage kids to ask questions, think about the world around them and take that proactive attitude towards social issues into adulthood. 

Hold fundraising events

Whether you host your own fantastic fundraising event, or attend one of ours, bringing people together to raise funds and awareness is always a winner. 

We organise fundraisers throughout the year, but at Christmas, we’re especially busy here at Simon on the Streets. If you’re looking to kick-start the festive season in style, book one of the last few spaces available at our Starlight Ball. If you’re looking to involve the kids, our Elf Run event last year was such a big hit with local primary schools that we’re doing it all again this year. 

If you’re a professional, attend our Christmas social event at the beautiful Tattu restaurant, where you’ll have the chance to meet other connections and raise your business profile. 

And of course, you're always free to do your own fundraising thing! There’s a lot of inventive and fun ways you can raise awareness, whether it’s with your work team, friends or family. Explore our website to see how you can get involved to help those facing homelessness.

Talk to those who are facing homelessness - they are not invisible 

People facing homelessness are NOT INVISIBLE. So why do so many act like they are? 

Become an advocate for those facing homelessness. Strike up a conversation with someone. Find out how they think, how they feel, and what it is that’s needed to really make a difference. These are all vital ways needed to effect change and raise awareness.

At Simon on the Streets, we’re committed to ending the cycle of homelessness. But we can’t do it without you. We rely on our fantastic fundraisers so that we can keep helping those facing life on the streets. If you want to learn about our volunteering opportunities, get in touch. We always love to hear from you.

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