4 simple ways to fundraise at Christmas


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For most of us, the lead up to Christmas is an incredibly exciting time. A time spent surrounded by friends, family and loved ones. But sadly, this is not the case for everyone. 

By December 2021, 227,000 households across Britain were experiencing the worst forms of homelessness. As the cost of living crisis continues to threaten livelihoods, this statistic is only set to rise, leaving an ever increasing number of people facing homelessness this year alone. 

Make no mistake, homelessness is incredibly all year round. But the festive period can be especially tough, cold and lonely. 

Thanks to your donations and support, we can continue to support people facing homelessness throughout the year. And whether you’re supporting Simon on the Streets, or another charity close to your heart, here’s some inspiration for how you can get fundraising this Christmas. 

Christmas jumper day

Who doesn't secretly love the chance to get dressed up? And it’s even better when it’s in the name of charity.

Whether it’s been buried in a drawer since last year, or has the pride of place in your wardrobe, donning your Christmas jumper and asking your colleagues, family and friends to do the same is a Christmas fundraising classic!

A Christmas jumper day is a great way to raise money whilst at the same time spreading some festive cheer. Even if you’re asking for a small donation, you can very quickly find yourself raising an impressive amount of money. 

Bake sale 

Whether you’re the star baker of your company always providing the team with cakes and treats, or a complete baking novice, organising a festive-themed bake sale is a sure-fire (and very tasty) way to raise money. 

Organisation is key, and the earlier you start, the better. Gather your bakers and set a time and a place. Christmas is a busy time of year, so it’s good to get things like this in people's diaries early! Ultimately, the more people you recruit to help out, the more cake you’ll have to sell and the more money you’ll raise. 

Flyers and leaflets are worthwhile too. Advertise your event and draw the crowds, after all, it’s what this is all about. 

A Christmas quiz

Find out who’s the smartest of your bunch by holding your very own Christmas quiz. All you need to do is draft your questions, source your prizes and away you go!

Ask for donations from teams to take part, or charge a set price - it’s totally up to you. You could also hold a raffle alongside your quiz to maximise your fundraising efforts. 

Secret santa

Does your office host a secret santa every year? If so, set your budget and ask everyone to donate a portion to your chosen charity. For example, if your budget is £10 per present, instead spend only £8 and donate the remaining £2 - you’ll soon see the donations start to stack up.

When it comes to fundraising at Christmas, the possibilities are both fun and endless. And as you get your thinking caps on, we’d love to hear some of your ideas! Whether you want to get really creative and go all out, or embark on something a little more traditional, just remember that every single penny counts and everything you do will help to make a difference. 

We’ve got so many exciting events coming up that you can support this Christmas, including our fantastic Elf Run. Be sure to follow us across our social media channels and our website for more details. 

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