3 reasons why your business will benefit from our Corporate Socials


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If you own, work for or are part of a business in any capacity, you’re probably well-versed in the benefits of networking. There’s a wealth of information out there around why networking is good for you, your teams, and your brand, and why it’s worth taking the time out of your day to get involved. 

And who are we to argue? Here at Simon on the Streets, we’ve been building our corporate network for a while now. Every day it goes from strength to strength as we talk to lots of businesses about the work we do and what they can do to help. 

The Simon on the Streets Corporate Socials 

A brilliant blend of fantastic businesses, professionals and awesome venues across the city of Leeds, our Corporate Socials have become a ‘must’ for our supporters. The realisation that there’s so much value in building your professional profile, whilst at the same time supporting a cause that truly matters - that’s the thing that makes our events stand out. 

Taking place every month between 6 -8pm (make sure you’re following our socials for all the latest dates and events), we come together to make new connections, forge new relationships, and enjoy some delicious food and drinks together in an informal environment. We also like to throw in a business card raffle to raise much needed funds too. Trust us when we say there are always some incredible prizes up for grabs. 

So far we’ve had the pleasure of hosting our events at stand-out venues such as Tattu, The Collective Inc, El Gato Negro, Fazenda and Malmaison. And this is to name just a few.   

Here are a few reasons how you could benefit from coming along. 

Raise your profile, build your brand

Let’s cut to the chase; anyone who comes along to a networking event is looking to build their profile. Whether it’s just you, a small team, or heading a bigger business - networking is crucial when it comes to getting your name known and meeting the people you hope will benefit from, and invest in, your products and services. 

We love the wide variety of industry professionals who come along to our socials. It makes for a really interesting evening during which we always learn something, and meet someone, new. 

Brings new opportunities and opens more doors

Whether you’re happy in your current role or seeking a new opportunity, there’s no doubt about the fact that networking offers fresh perspectives, introduces you to new people and can often result in some really great collaboration. 

One of the nicest things about our Corporate Socials is that it allows your business to put your CSR strategy into action, as you’re supporting the work we do as a charity as you network. 

Build your confidence

It can be quite nerve wracking walking into a room full of people you don’t know. For many people, networking sits firmly outside of their comfort zone. However, our Corporate Socials always have  and informal vibe, and we’re here to help put you at ease! 

Once you make networking part of your regular working routine, you may well find that your confidence builds and that you start to enjoy making new connections in a way that enhances your career. 

We’d love to welcome you to our Corporate Socials, and have the opportunity to let you know all the ways in which you can support our charity and grow your business at the same time. Your support is vital, and ensures that we can continue to support those facing homelessness across Leeds and Bradford. 

If you’d like to stay in the know about our Corporate Socials and other fundraising events, why not sign up to our newsletter? Simply email admin@simononthestreets.co.uk to be added to our list.

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